Verizon Media ID Addendum

This Addendum (this “Addendum”) adds the Verizon Media ID service (the “VMID Service” or the “Verizon Media ID Service”) to the Publisher Platforms Master Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) and the Monetization Schedule (the “Monetization Schedule”) between the Verizon Media entity listed in the Regional Agreement Terms of the MSA (“Verizon Media Signatory” or “Verizon Media”) and the entity that accepts this Schedule via Verizon Media’s registration portal (“Company”).  This Addendum is made and effective on the date of Company’s acceptance as recorded by Verizon Media’s systems (the “Addendum Effective Date”) and continue until terminated as provided in the Agreement.  Verizon Media and Company may each be referred to as a “Party” or collectively as the “Parties”.  

This Addendum governs Company’s access to and use of the VMID Service (further described below) under the terms and conditions established by the Agreement between Verizon Media and Company.  This Addendum shall, upon acceptance by Company, become an Addendum under the Agreement.  Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms of this Addendum and the Agreement, the terms of this Addendum shall prevail.
  1. Verizon Media ID Service.           The Verizon Media ID Service works with the services provided by Verizon Media under the Monetization Schedule to help Company integrate its supply of Placements within Verizon Media’s sell-side platform.  The Verizon Media ID Service provides to Verizon Media a Company-specific hash of an End User’s email address (the “Verizon Media ID”) that Verizon Media and its partners may use to determine what advertisements may be most relevant to that End User.
    1. Verizon Media shall provide Company with the technical specifications and instructions necessary to implement the “Verizon Media ID Script”.  Company shall comply with these technical specifications and with reasonable instructions received from Verizon Media.  Verizon Media shall also provide Company with a key or other identifier (the “Company Key”) that shall accompany the delivery of the Verizon Media ID.  Company shall only use the Company Key on approved Sites as agreed between Company and Verizon Media (email to suffice).  Company shall not share its Company Key with any other entities or non-approved Sites and shall alert Verizon Media if it becomes aware of any unauthorized use of its Company Key.
    2. Notwithstanding any prohibition in the Agreement, where Company has an End User’s email address, and has provided the appropriate End User notices and received any required End User consents as further provided below, the Verizon Media ID Script shall apply a Company-specific hash algorithm or other means of obfuscation (as determined by Verizon Media) to the End User’s email address and transmit the unique hash sequence to Verizon Media.  The Verizon Media ID also shall be stored in the local storage of the End User’s browser.  The End User’s email address shall not be transmitted to Verizon Media in clear text.  Company has no obligation to install the Verizon Media ID Script or provide the Verizon Media ID to Verizon Media under this Addendum.
  2. Privacy Protections.     Company hereby represents and warrants that it shall provide all notices and controls (e.g., opt-out capabilities) and obtain all consents and permissions necessary under applicable privacy law to: (i) gather the End User email address on which the Verizon Media ID is based; and (ii) transmit such End User’s email address to Verizon Media for the purposes and uses set forth herein.  For clarity, Company shall specifically disclose to the End User that the hashed End User’s email address will be transmitted to Verizon Media for the purpose of delivering targeted advertisements to the End User.  Where Company has not received the appropriate consents, opt-outs and/or provided the appropriate notice to an End User, shall not make the End User’s email address available to Verizon Media.  Verizon Media and Company shall work together to ensure that the VMID Service conforms to updates to the applicable privacy laws and regulations.
  3. Term.               This Addendum shall remain in effect until terminated as provided in the Agreement. 
PUBLISHED 09 October 2020